What Can Be Learned From Children’s Art

It has been said that children are the most honest people on the planet — until we teach them how to lie. Innocence is tied up in the heart of a child, that is. There are no attempts at subterfuge, no doubts of self esteem. Children are just content and carefree and happy as can be.
That’s why their art certainly has a lot to teach us. Children are unique in that they have something that adults can never regain — that innocence. This allows them to effectively communicate how they feel without any mental filter. Do you see that bold, blue stroke across the sky? That’s pure desire. The smooth, smeared green across the ground? An attempt to show the smoothness of a field. A lot of times, we forget about how to express ourselves. That is, we forget how to let go of all of our training and just draw. Just paint. Just sculpt. Just get it all out. Children, unbridled by thoughts of value, form, lighting, and other art disciplines, ignore the race to show technical prowess.
And that is the greatest thing we learn: we are not important. Our artwork is. That’s what children teach us.

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