Have Acrylics Displaced Oils In Popularity?

A painter used to have a choice between oil paints and watercolor paints. Now, however, for those that preferred oils over watercolors, there are acrylic paints. Acrylics are applied with techniques similar to oils, but they come with a few distinct advantages.

Once dry, oils are very durable and they are even, to an extent, washable. So are acrylics. Though they take quite a while to dry, at least overnight, oils gave an artist the chance to change an effect like watercolor didn’t.

Acrylic paints allow for this as well with the use of a little water, but they also allow the artist to move onto a new portion of the piece without waiting for hours, sometimes days. This is one of the reasons more and more artists are starting out with, or switching to, acrylic paints.

Another reason for why acrylics are replacing oils as the medium of choice is that brushes are easier to clean. Oil paint requires the use of harsh cleansers in order to properly clean brushes and palettes. Acrylics will come off with soap and water.

More and more artists are choosing acrylics over oil for the same vibrant colors but with less hassle.

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