Art And Technology: How Various Artists Have Combined Them

Ever since the invention of the camera, art and technology have coexisted. Although, the concept of combining the two really hasn’t meant so much until only recently. The concept has become more popular among today’s artists through the use of Adobe’s own Photoshop and Illustrator programs. Infusing the technology of computer science with artistic thinking has produced some very amazing art. Artist/Professor, Bert Monroy for example; has taken an older medium like photography and added a twist to it by interpreting the photos he takes into “painted” works by using the Illustrator technique. Bert’s most recognized work, “Times Square”, was four yeas in the making when it first come on the scene only partially finished.

The unveiling happened at New York’s Photo Plus Expo in October of 2010. The work is composed of nearly 3,000 Photoshop and Illustrator files, and measures 60 x 300 inches, causing it to weigh 6.52 gigabytes. When finished, the work had a total of 500,000 file layers. The content of this painting depicts an everyday, typical evening in the city. It is balanced with an assortment of rich color consisting of even shadowing and highlights that set the painting back into an almost photographic state.

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