Art Of The Twenty- First Century

Art created in the eighteenth century seems to be the masterpieces we all strive to own or duplicate. With great artists like Picasso and Duchamp it’s not hard to see why, but what many people do not realize is that these great artists created the artistic palette that we’ve grown to love and mimic today.

With a touch of modernism, artists of today have taken techniques created by the likes of Picasso and Duchamp and made what we know as altermodern art.Check out this link here. This twenty-first century art style was derived from the techniques created over 200 years ago yet changed just enough to give us what we have familiarized ourselves with as modern art.

Altermodern art seems to cover a vast variety of different art forms from minimalism and performance art to pop art and abstract art. These art types cover anything from photographs taken from certain angles to paintings created with unique brush strokes.

Photography has made its way into the world of art throughout the twenty-first century. With a proper camera and a useful eye, a photographer can capture a picture and create a masterpiece that someone without the training or equipment would see and capture as nothing more than average.

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